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Clinically actionable results to improve gi health by promoting antibiotic stewardship
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Molecular & Protein Based Diagnostics

Comprehensive Gastrointestinal Action Panel (cGAP)

Ascenda BioSciences cGAP Panel consists of over 40+ analytes and provides clinically actionable results to rapidly identify the underlying issues of GI Health with greater accuracy, reduce hospitalizations and costs, improve outcomes, and promote responsible use of antibiotics

Gastrointestinal Panel

Highly sensitive molecular technologies to detect the presence or absence of 26 different pathogens (bacteria, parasites, and viruses)

Antibiotic Resistance

Fourteen (14) different molecular targets to detect resistance to several commonly prescribed antibiotics to treat pathogenic infections (including H. pylori, C. diff)

GI Health Markers

Thirteen (13) different hallmark features (protein biomarkers) of digestive health to help differentiate between infection and inflammation (e.g., IBD, IBS, Celiac, Chron’s, Pancreatic insufficiency and leaky gut)

Comprehensive & Accurate

Ascenda BioScience’s GAP Panel is a highly sensitive and accurate test that provides physicians a tool to help effectively manage overall gastrointestinal health

Ascenda Biosciences

What We Do

Rapid Turnaround Time

Rapid and accurate diagnoses improve patient outcomes. Ascenda’s state-of-the-art laboratory reports results within 72 hours of sample reciept.

Actionable Results

By using molecular and protein biomarkers, GAP panel results distinguish symptoms from infection, inflammation, digestive function and help select highly effective antibiotic treatments.

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