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PCR-Based Diagnostics

Ascenda Panels

Ascenda BioSciences offers a variety of GI panels. Our stool panel contains over 36+ analytes. We test for bacteria, parasites, viruses, and GI health markers. Ascenda also offers a biopsy test. We test for H Pylori and its resistance to Clarithromycin. These results are key in diagnosing and treating patients effectively!

Gastrointestinal Panel

Our GIP tests for 22 organisms (bacteria, viruses and parasites) from a stool sample. In addition, using the antibiotic resistance reflex testing upon bacterial identification will greatly aid in developing treatment options.

(NEW) H Pylori Biopsy & Clarithromycin

Our biopsy coupled with Clarithromycin is the first of its kind to detect Clarithromycin Resistance in H Pylori specimens.

Antibiotic Resistance

Our antibiotic resistance is specific to the bug. This information can help physicians in determining treatment options

GI Health Markers

Our GI inflammatory health markers stool testing provides detailed information about possible inflammation that could occur in the digestive system. These markers are especially helpful in determining IBS or IBD. We also offer H.pylori stool antigen test that detects the presence of possible H.pylori infection.

Ascenda Biosciences

What We Do

Ascenda BioSciences provides testing services for patient stool and biopsy samples. The Ascenda BioSciences stool test is ordered by the doctor, given to the patient to complete, then sent to the lab, tested, and the results are then reported back to the provider. When testing for H Pylori, biopsies are recovered during upper endoscopy procedures, and overnighted directly to the Ascenda BioSciences Laboratory, with results being provided to the provider as soon as they are processed. Ascenda BioSciences is rising to the challenge of modern medicine by providing molecular testing with the highest level of sensitivity and specificity to improve positive patient outcome.

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