antibiotic resistanceNO Antibiotic has a 100% success rate, NONE.  Some protocols like PrevPac are less than 70% effective so how do you decide what drug(s) to prescribe?  Without having patient specific drug resistance, how do you know if your patient will fall into the 70% success group or the 30% failure group?  Additionally, if they fall into the failure group then you are fostering the development of a superbug within their system and subjecting them to more drug treatments.

Patient-specific Antibiotic Drug Resistance testing is available from Ascenda BioSciences.  The Patent Pending process looks at more than 80 drugs and helps you determine what you can prescribe to help you land your patient in the “Success Group” every time.  This serves them well and it has a dramatic impact on your Federally Mandated Positive Patient Outcome Level.  That keeps your bottom line healthy as well.

Ascenda BioSciences is the ONLY Laboratory in the US offering true Phenotypic Antibiotic Resistance Testing.  You won’t find it at LabCorp or Quest or Kaiser let alone the Local Hospital Laboratory.  These are high complexity tests that require everyone to be a Licensed Technician or higher.  Ascenda is here to provide you the best testing tools possible.

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