lab pictureAscenda BioSciences proudly announces the release of H. pylori test and the Antibiotic Resistance (AR) Panel by PCR using stool or biopsy.

The H. pylori test currently contains a stand-alone test with one analyte, Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori)


The AR panel contains 6 of the most popular antibiotics.

    1. ß-lactamase (bla-TEM)
    2. Nitroimidazole (nimD)
    3. Imidazole (nimA)
    4. Vancomycin (vanA)
    5. Vancomycin (vanB)
    6. Fluoroquinolones (qnr)

The above mentioned analytes have been shown to be commonly associated with GI pathogens.  Analysis of the AR genes from patient fecal and biopsy samples will thus serve as an important tool to define treatment options for the patient.

In conjunction with results from the GPX panel for 14 parasites, bacteria and virus, and the GI Health Markers Panel, the Antibiotic Resistance panel results will aid in defining an effective regimen for the patient. Bacteria will inevitably find ways of resisting the antibiotics developed by humans, which is why aggressive action is needed to keep new resistance from developing and prevent the new resistance that exists from spreading.

We want to help make your job easier, save you money, and get your patients feeling healthy again!

Check out our website or contact our friendly customer service at 678-580-0613 option 2 for more information.  You can also set up an account at no charge on our website.  Our helpful sales representative will contact you and explain everything you need to know to order our testing!

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