e-coliA new case of E.coli antibiotic resistance from urine of a 49 years old woman in Pennsylvania at local clinic. CDC is further investigating on this case with Walter Reed Institute as to how this E.coli may have acquired drug resistance to all classes of antibiotics including the last resource Colistin (very old but rarely used drug). It is more threatening since she have not travelled abroad or have been hospitalized. So, the question remains; what may be the source of her antibiotic resistance? Food or endogenous microbes? This is an evidence of biggest infectious diseases threat. “Become better stewards of antibiotics” says Dr. Thomas Frieden CDC Director.

Resource: http://www.cnn.com/2016/05/26/health/first-superbug-cre-case-in-us/ by Jen Christensen and Debra Goldschmidt

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