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That One Patient That Keeps Coming Back

(A Patient Success Story)


       Here is a story of a patient who had issues for a long time, used conventional testing methods found in hospitals and other practices, and then found success once they went through the Ascenda BioSciences molecular stool testing process.

“I am a 66-year-old patient who has had significant diarrhea for over 2 years. I was tested repeatedly, through the regular hospital laboratories and commercial laboratories with only white blood cells showing an abnormality. I had CT scans and MRIs indicating no Irritable Bowel Syndrome. The last bought of watery diarrhea lasted 3 months with only intermittent relief when on trials of Flagel in case the giardiasis I had contracted in my 20s had recurred. With more than eight stool cultures and antigen tests all showing negative, I was frustrated.

My educational background is that of Registered Nurse and Ph.D. neuroscientist, so I research anything I can find that might assist me with problems.

I have Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome vascular type and it is contraindicated to scope me. I also have Common Variable Immune Deficiency with a very low Immunoglobulin M level; thus, none of the antigen tests could have shown us anything. I receive IV Immunoglobulin G treatments every 21-days but that does not help the IG M levels. Apparently, IG M is important in the gut immunity.

Finally, a doctor friend of mine who had also had giardiasis, contacted me and gave me Ascenda Biosciences website. I notified my Gastroenterologist and she got in touch and ordered the molecular level testing. The results were that I have C diff. I am now on a course of antibiotics and am improving! My doctor and I are delighted to know what I have. At the end of my tapering course of Vancomycin accompanied with probiotics, I will be retested to assure that I am infection free.

Thank you Ascenda Biosciences!”

– Anonymous Patient

At Ascenda BioSciences we are Rising to the Challenge of Modern Medicine by providing extremely accurate and sensitive results through a comprehensive molecular stool test to help physicians and patients get the information they need to get their health back on track.


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