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Ascenda BioSciences continues to advance our knowledge of cutting-edge technology and molecular biology as it relates to improving positive patient outcome. Contained below you will find an abundance of information to be used as a learning mechanism to better understand the advantages of molecular science.

Helicobacter Pylori and Clarithromycin Resistance

Relationship between the detection of Helicobacter pylori and its resistance to Clarithromycin through means of PCR detection

CMS – Palmetto Determines Local Coverages for Gastro-Intestinal Panel Testing

CMS - Palmetto Determines Local Coverages for Gastro Intestinal Panel Testing effective Dec 10th, 2018.  How to code it properly moving forward. Within the Local Coverage Determination (LCD), you will notice that only patients with immune deficiencies or those who...

Patient Success Story

That One Patient That Keeps Coming Back (A Patient Success Story)          Here is a story of a patient who had issues for a long time, used conventional testing methods found in hospitals and other practices, and then found success once they went through the...

Types Stool Tests

Types Stool Tests There are two types of routine types stool tests: culture testing and PCR testing. Culture testing has been around for a long time and has been the gold standard for stool testing. PCR Testing is relatively newer (invented in 1983) and has become the...

What Is A Stool Test For?

What Is A Stool Test For? What is a stool test for, a common question asked by many who take these kinds of tests. A stool test is a common test given to patients with gastrointestinal symptoms. They are given from doctor to patient to complete at your home. The kit...

Antibiotic Resistance Rising

In the age of medicine where doctors are prescribing antibiotics for almost everything isn’t it likely that you can develop a tolerance or resistance to said antibiotics? Think of taking antibiotics

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