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Ascenda Biosciences offers unique panels that can be tailored to each patients specific needs. Each panel option provides vital information towards patient treatment.

Full Panel

Ascenda BioSciences offers a wide variety of panels with over 40+ analytes which include bacteria, parasites, viruses, GI health markers, and resistance to several antibiotics. These results are key in diagnosing and treating patients! The GAP profile has been configured to help physicians to distinguish between infection, inflammation and other GI conditions that are causing symptoms in a patient.

GIP Panel

The GAP pathogen panel uses real-time PCR to detect the presence of 25 bacteria (including C. difficile toxin A and toxin B)/virus/parasite from a patient stool sample.  The Antibiotic resistance panel has been designed to target the most commonly used drug classes for the pathogenic bacteria listed in the GAP pathogen test. The results of this panel can aid in determining optimal choice of antibiotics for a successful treatment regimen.

H. Pylori Panel

Our PCR based biopsy detection of Helicobacter Pylori serves as a powerful tool in the diagnosis of the Helicobacter pylori infection and the bugs resistance to Clarithromycin.

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