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The clinical microbiology laboratory is transitioning into the molecular age. Molecular diagnostics are playing an increasingly important role in diagnosing infections and improving patient outcomes. Ascenda BioSciences offers PCR Stool & Biopsy testing.

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Ascenda Biosciences offers six unique panels tailored to each patients specific needs. Each panel provides vital information towards patient treatment. Our Full Panel is our most popular providing the most comprehensive results. Results can also be offered in an array of bundles or individually.

C. Difficile Only Panel

Our C. difficile only assay specifically detects toxin A positive or toxin B positive strains or both

Gi Health Markers Panel

Our GI inflammatory health markers provide detailed information about possible inflammation that could occur in the digestive system

Full Panel

Our full panel includes over 28+ analytes. This is our most comprehensive test of the digestive tract

GPX Panel

Our GPX panel includes 21+ analytes to include variousbacteria, parasites, and viruses

H.Pylori Panel

Our PCR based biopsy detection of Helicobacter Pylori serves as a powerful tool in the diagnosis of  the Helicobacter pylori infection,

Antibiotic Resistance Panel

Antibiotic Resistance genes are assesed in patient stool/biopsy samples using state-of-the-art PCR Technology
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