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Ascenda BioSciences is committed to providing quality laboratory services. We take our quality very seriously because we know that the information we provide affects patient treatment and overall outcomes!

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What People are Saying

“Exactly what I’ve been looking for”

Without their detailed stool culture kit, it would have been very easy to miss an important diagnosis,

Jason Leonard, M.D.

“Very knowledgable”

 When she came to NC for Christmas vacation I tested her with a GI plus kit that showed Giardia. She was treated with Flaggy for two weeks and all her symptoms subsided.

– Shohreh Taavoni, MD 

“Helpful customer service”

We get fast results with actionable plans for our patients. ….and not to mention the clinical support and explanation of tests is phenomenal.

– Dr. Emily Hecker, DC, MBA, CNC

“Only lab of it’s kind”

The Ascenda BioSciences test gives the best of both worlds. It offers an expanded stool panel and is also covered by most insurance companies. I am thankful to have an affordable option to offer my complex patients that provides actionable results.

– Cammy Benton, MD

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